Is there an absolute limit on the time taken to collect on my invoice?

We have worked with invoices that have taken up to 5 months to pay previously. Given that the platform is a marketplace it can handle a range of receivables. It is best to consult with us in advance of the trade occurring so that we can solicit buyer feedback and assess appetite.

I’m currently using factoring or invoice discounting. Why would I switch?

Facilities with banks and factoring companies are not certain – both are able to cut lending facilities overnight. Most independents recover high fees as the underlying client goes into difficulty through penalty payments. With MarketInvoice, investor diversification and market-based pricing means more certainty of funding as there are multiple sources of finance all in one […]

How can I be sure that my invoices will be bought?

100% of invoices listed on the MarketInvoice platform have been bought out by investors. With MarketInvoice there is a high demand from investors to buy your invoices. Our credit and anti-fraud checks and invoice verification processes mean that there is relatively low risk for our investor community. You do not need to worry about funding certainty.

Is there lots of admin and paperwork with MarketInvoice?

Marketinvoice is a very simple and easy to use web-based application. Contrary to whole turnover factoring facilities, there is no requirement for you to run a separate ledger. The system is quick and easy-to-use. To launch a trade you simply upload your invoice and supporting documentation. It’s quick and easy. We also seamlessly integrate with leading accounting […]

Is MarketInvoice regulated?

Invoice finance falls under asset based financing, which is not currently an activity regulated by the FCA. MarketInvoice does not invest any capital into invoices itself or on behalf of any third parties. MarketInvoice does not take client deposits or give any investment advice. MarketInvoice is a member of the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association, the trade body […]

Who are the investors who buy invoices on MarketInvoice?

Your invoice will be bought out by a number of sophisticated investors. These people tend to be high net worth individuals or institutional investors, part of a family office or hedge fund. Active investors are only accepted onto MarketInvoice if they pass our stringent checks.

How do I upload invoices?

When you get access to the MarketInvoice online platform there a number of simple steps to complete before your invoice can be traded. You’ll need to input your customer’s details first, then put in the details of the invoice you’d like to trade. If you need help, all clients are assigned an account manager straight […]

What would happen if MarketInvoice were to go out of business?

Client funds invested or received over the MarketInvoice Platform are held in segregated client accounts hosted with Barclays Bank. These funds are never transferred into MarketInvoice accounts at any point. Should MarketInvoice go out of business and administrators be appointed, this segregation and other measures taken by MarketInvoice ensure that all transactions are fulfilled and […]

Who can use MarketInvoice?

We welcome all sorts of businesses onto the MarketInvoice platform. To check if you could use our service, check that you meet these criteria: You have a limited or LLP company based in the UK or Ireland You have £100,000+ turnover filed with Companies House You sell goods or services to other businesses on terms […]

What happens when a trade goes overdue?

It’s important that you proactively follow up with your customers to confirm that the debt will be paid on the expected payment date. In case your debtor pays late, there’s usually a two-week buffer placed on trades to allow time for payment to reach us. After that buffer expires and the trade goes overdue, we’ll […]

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