Integrating your accounting software with MarketInvoice

We highly recommend integrating your accounting software with MarketInvoice. Not only will this speed up how quickly we can review and give you an answer on your application, but it will also make trading your invoices much faster and let us assess when you might need an increased limit. What are the benefits of integrating […]

Getting your invoices verified

Before your invoices can be traded, we’ll need to confirm that the invoice details are correct, and we’ll have to check this information with your customer. This will allow us to verify your invoices so we can launch the trade and release your funds more quickly. How will this work? Once you create a new trade […]

How do you assess businesses? Do we have to go through a credit check?

We do have to run anti-fraud and credit checks on your business before we accept you onto MarketInvoice. It’s a pretty quick and painless process and we’ll be there to guide you all the way. We won’t contact any third parties during these checks so your application to MarketInvoice will not affect your credit rating […]

Will you contact any third parties to process my application?

We won’t contact any third parties during our anti-fraud and credit checks. Your application to MarketInvoice will not affect your credit rating in any way. After your application is accepted we may need to contact either your bank or your customer but we will never do this without your consent.

What kinds of invoices can I sell with MarketInvoice?

We have no minimum or maximum on size; you can sell invoices with values as small you like, and we have no upper limit as to the size (our largest invoice traded was £1.2m!). The main thing is that the invoice you’re planning to trade is to a credit-worthy customer. So, what do we mean by ‘credit-worthy customers’? […]

Is my financial data secure?

Only institutional investors or qualifying high-net-worth individuals are allowed to purchase invoices. All investors registered on the platform have been fully vetted by MarketInvoice and sign up to strict confidentiality agreements for the information they are able to access on individual businesses and invoices. They are only able to use this information to decide whether […]

Is there an absolute limit on the time taken to collect on my invoice?

We have worked with invoices that have taken up to 5 months to pay previously. Given that the platform is a marketplace it can handle a range of receivables. It is best to consult with us in advance of the trade occurring so that we can solicit buyer feedback and assess appetite.

I’m currently using factoring or invoice discounting. Why would I switch?

Facilities with banks and factoring companies are not certain – both are able to cut lending facilities overnight. Most independents recover high fees as the underlying client goes into difficulty through penalty payments. With MarketInvoice, investor diversification and market-based pricing means more certainty of funding as there are multiple sources of finance all in one […]

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